I obtained my habilitation (HU) in Computer Science in 2019 from the National School of Computer Science (ENSI, Tunisia). I get my Ph.d degree in Computer Science from Paris Dauphine University (France) in 2006. I am currently Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of ISAMM (Tunisia). I am researcher in the SIIVT team (Intelligent Systems for Imaging, Vision and Remote Sensing) of RIADI laboratory.

I am working on the Semantic Indexing and Retrieval of corpora, whether it concerns texts or images. More specifically, I started my research activities in 2000 by studying formal Information Retrieval (IR) models as well as personalization approaches in order to take into account user preferences when searching for relevant items. After joining the SIIVT research team, I have chosen to expand my research activities to the field of the semantic interpretation of Remote Sensing (RS) data. Indeed, RS images are a rich source of information that can be used in various real-life applications with both security and strategic issues. For all these applications, the recognition of geographical objects, their spatial organization, as well as their dynamics are at the center of my research concerns. I am mainly studying the formalisms and methods, based on graph theory and ontologies, which are able to capture and represent the information and knowledge that can be drawn from RS images.

You can find more about my research interests in the Research section of this site.

My Curriculum Vitae